Replace Your Clipboard for Daily Water System Rounds


Collect more accurate data. Automate your reporting. Take back your time.

Our water system data collection and reporting tool helps water operators like you who want and need to collect data and assemble your regulatory water operations reports by minimizing errors and reducing collection times through the ease of use of technology. Our goal is to give you some inexpensive and fun technology tools you need to take back your time. 

This would save me two to three hours per week.
— Operator, Stonington IL
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Data Capture

Mobile Solution: Eliminate your clipboard forever with the ability to capture data manually a tablet or smartphone. 

Export: Download your data to Excel or PDF.

Audit Trail: Track all data recorded, changed, and reported, at the user-level.



State Reporting: Generate out-of-the-box reports compliant with state regulations. 

Trending: Track data over time, look for outliers, and make informed decisions.

Operations and Maintenance: Track maintenance and operational activities over time.

Power and Chemical Usage: Track power and chemical usage over time. 



Validation: Track data tolerance and acceptable ranges realtime, and prevent errors with validation on data entry and automatic flagging for non-standard inputs. 

Data Collection: Thoughtful workflows align how you normally do your rounds with how you collect data in Waterly. 

Recommendations: Receive recommendations for system optimization based on your inputs and data overtime, allowing you to run a more effective operation. 

This is incredibly useful for small water systems like us. Just about everybody does this by hand right now. Operators are always looking for a better way to do things - and this is it.
— Mayor, Small Municipalty
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Chris is responsible for making sure the vision of Waterly stays all about the precious resource called water and the good stewards that make it safe to drink and use.  With 20+ years of water technology engineering and consulting experience, along with an entrepreneurial spirit, he works with water utilities on how to best use technology to work for, not against, utility leadership and their operators.  


Customer Success

Tim is the Client Advocate at Waterly.  His job is to listen to the people using Waterly and use their feedback to make it the best product in its class.  During his career, Tim has spent time working as an IT network administrator as well as a consultant in the water and wastewater industry.  The unique insights and experiences gleaned from these positions allow Tim to effectively interact with both the designers and the end users of Waterly.



Jason is the Chief Plumber at Waterly, with responsibility for the overall software design, implementation and reliability.  Jason brings 20 years of experience designing and building software products across a broad range of industries, from startups to enterprise scale companies. After a lifetime of hurricanes and flooding, he has garnered a somewhat conflicted relationship with water. Which is why he prefers more potent beverages "neat".




Daryn heads up the design and experience of the Waterly application. He brings deep experience working on numerous startup and enterprise products over the last five years. Ironically, Daryn is afraid of water - so he tends to remain shallow. 


Water Superhero / Onboarding Engineer

Kaitlin is a water/wastewater engineer and helps all of our Waterly customers get their start and make sure things keep flowing in the right direction. Kaitlin’s background is as a design engineer, but she stays connected to the technology and loves to swim in water as well.



James is a software engineer with experience in a wide range of server and browser technologies. He's obsessed with efficiency, optimization, and communication. As an avid reader and writer, he tends to spout out relevant facts. James is fascinated that Indy is the largest North American city built on a non-navigable waterway.


Eliminate paper and automate your water reporting to the state/regulatory body. We currently support most classifications of water facilities and wastewater pumping stations.